Unofficial articulation histories and “old” articulation agreements
At this site you can view and print articulation histories and articulation agreements for any year and term for all schools from which USC has received transfer courses. This site displays what kind(s) of credit, if any, these courses have received in the past. The information on this history is advisory only and is not a guarantee of credit awards. USC reserves the right to change evaluations shown here without notification.
- Current USC students should ALWAYS file a pre-approval request through for courses they wish to take during a summer term. Applicants should confer with Admissions. Undergraduates admitted for a spring semester should refer to
- Articulation histories only display courses transferred to USC and therefore may list few courses if few students have transferred from that school. However, many more courses from that school may be transferable. By contrast, agreements with CA community colleges are comprehensive; courses that do not appear are not transferrable. Articulation agreements with CA community colleges for the current year only and current histories for several regional public universities are available at
If you have any questions, or if you note any errors in content or format, please notify the articulation staff or contact the office at 740-4628 or
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